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3. Design thinking is an extreme user-centered process

Focus on extreme: There may be many people who will argue with me. d School’s Design Thinking only mentions user-centered, but here I’m talking about extreme users. Extreme users refer to users whose behavior and needs are extremely extreme. For example: I am a company that produces household kitchenware. My main user segments are general users (think like professional chefs and disabled people). Our products are sold to the average person. Why should I pay attention to my extreme users? (Professional chefs and disabled people).

Extreme users can amplify the user’s demand for the product. In this example, if a professional chef does not feel that the tool is unresponsive to use, and disabled people are not inconvenient to use it, the average user will not even feel this. There will be problems with the design.

4. Design thinking is a process of integrating different things into a system

System thinking: When we talk about innovation or design, any thinking cannot focus on innovation or design. We must observe the entire system that involves this innovation ( For example, when designing medical devices, we cannot consider the needs of users individually.

The systems we need to consider will involve many elements: busy doctors, stressful work, patient’s mood, hospital space, and the rest of the equipment. Equipment manufacturers, government medical insurance, etc. are all within our scope of innovation. We should take this product into consideration with the systems around him.

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