Ski Faster! 7 Tips Guaranteed to Make You a Better Race

Keep a calm upper body

Ski racing requires you to be strong all over, not just in your legs. You may steer with your feet and power through each turn with your legs, but it takes a strong upper body to hold your torso and arms quietly as your feet move side to side. Too much upper body movement is not only nonaerodynamic and a waste of energy but can also throw off your balance and your ability to carve turns.

Carve, don’t skid

A carved turn that leaves two railroad tracks on the snow is a much faster turn than a skidded one. In a carved turn, your skis roll up on edge. The higher the edge angle, the higher performance the turn is. Many ski racers try to stay low or in a tuck, thinking it’s more aerodynamic and thus faster. In fact, it’s much faster to carve a good turn than to tuck. Tuck if you can, but as soon as you feel the slightest skid, pick up your chest and make a good turn.

Finish Faster

You don’t have to go through the middle of the finish! You can cross the line anywhere. After you pass the last gate, if you let your skis runs straight, you’ll gain a few 10ths over the others who arc toward the middle of the finish line.

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