A Key To Good Golf: Swing In Rhythm-Improve your tempo from tee to green

Whether it’s a drive off the first, a crucial putt at the last, or some other stroke in between, rhythm is an important ingredient to make a shot great—it’s like the salt on french fries. Without it, the fries are OK. With it, your mouth waters before the first bite. Ever notice how a drive made with less effort produces a tee shot far better than if you take a rip at the ball? That’s because you improved the rhythm of your swing. And though it might be a good idea to take your time when you hit driver, other shots require different rhythm. golf wiki golf game golf leaderboard golf channel

Take the greenside bunker shot you see me hitting here. This shot requires a little more energy. The buzzword I’m thinking about when I hit bunker shots is brisk. That gets me to swing through the sand a little amped up, so the club doesn’t decelerate and leave the ball in the bunker. That’s what I mean about swinging with good rhythm. If you want to improve your game from tee to green, scroll down for some other buzzwords to help improve your tempo on various shots.  golf wiki golf game golf leaderboard golf channel

– With Ron Kaspriske


Grab a golf ball and toss it up, paying attention to the change of direction when it starts to fall back down. Notice how it seems to hover in mid-air for a moment before dropping. If you emulate this feeling of hovering when you change direction from backswing to downswing, you’ll add good flow to your tee shots. Now for your buzzword. Before you take the driver back, think of the word patience. There’s no rush to complete the backswing or to start swinging down. Look how my left heel has come off the ground like an old-school golfer’s swing (below). You can use this as a cue to know when to change direction. Let it come off the ground as you swing back, and replant that heel before you start down. It will make your swing feel more in sync.  golf wiki golf game golf leaderboard golf channel

Jeff Ritter  golf wiki golf game golf leaderboard golf channel
 golf wiki golf game golf leaderboard golf channel
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