8 Productivity Hacks for Working From Home With Kids

Whether you work from home regularly, have kids on a school break or are on sick duty, balancing deadlines and child care is a necessary superpower. Here are eight smart time hacks parents use to meet deliverables while working from home with kids — so you can check off your to-dos and get back to snuggling.


Swap kids with a friend or another parent you trust, suggests mom-of-two Kari O’Driscoll, 46, founder of mindful parenting website The SELF Project. “I used to swap with my girlfriend at least once a week — she’d watch my kids for half a day while I got stuff done, and then I’d do the same for her another day,” she says. Free child care and the opportunity for your kid to socialize make this one a win-win.


Batch tasks so you can get more done: Run any errands you have in one batch of time, tackle emails in another and schedule an hour or two you can dedicate to tasks that need more mental energy, like writing or creating a presentation, in another block. Many get up an hour earlier than their kids so they can tackle intense to-dos first thing without distraction.

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