50 ultimate kid travel experiences

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1. Float in a lagoon

Kid Travel - Float In A Lagoon

For a relaxing day in the sun, floating in the most beautiful turquoise waters, you must go to Blue Lagoon. Located on the tiny island of Comino, in between Malta and Gozo, the pictures you see beforehand are gorgeous, but you’ll learn they don’t do this lagoon justice once you see it in person. While you’re floating you can clearly see the coral below you—it really is that crystal clear. And be sure to bring your snorkeling gear or buy some if you want an up close look of the coral, as Blue Lagoon is also ideal snorkeling spot for kid travel.

2. Walk over an inactive volcano

Volcanoes are beautifully fierce, natural landscapes to see on TV or from a distance, but they’re even more so when you’re standing on top of one. And Thrihnukagigur, a 4,000-year dormant volcano in Iceland, is where you should go to experience this first-hand. Take a tour that involves a 45-minute hike and even takes you inside the volcano, the only one that does this. Even though you know it’s inactive, it’s a rush unlike any you’ve ever felt being able to actually walk across one; not to mention it’s a totally Instagram-worthy photo op that’s guaranteed to make all your friends jealous.

3. Discover ancient temples and ruins

Kid Travel - Discover Ancient Temples And Ruins

For all you history and archaeology buffs, there’s no place better to visit than Mexico. The ruins of Teotihuacanare some of the oldest and most remarkable to see and learn about. This City of the Gods is home to 600 pyramids. Hike your way up the Sun Pyramid and Moon Pyramid for a bird’s-eye view of the area and make a point to enjoy another tourist favorite, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. With nearly 2 million annual visitors and just a short drive from Mexico City, it’s no wonder this UNESCO World Heritage site is a desired and memorable kid travel spot … and adults too.

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