5 Steps to a User-Centered Design Your Shoppers Will Adore

5 Steps to a User-Centered Design Your Shoppers Will Adore

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.
― Theodore Roosevelt

It doesn’t matter how amazing your design skills. It doesn’t matter how phenomenal the products you’re selling. If you’re not designing for the actual people using the site, those same people aren’t going to care.

user-centered ecommerce design

Web design has always been about the user. A site’s UX, whether eCommerce or not, is determined by how comfortably the interface fits into specific user preferences and how well the design anticipates what the user needs. However, both of these are highly variable — a site that’s absolutely perfect for one user may be annoying to another.

That’s why the heart of good UX, and eCommerce design in general, is knowing your customers. Your customers. These change from site to site, project to project, so designers can’t apply the same rules over and over. When it comes to understanding the people in your target market, each new design means starting over from scratch.

So we’ve compiled a simple but effective 5-step process to calibrating your entire eCommerce site around your customers.

  1. Identify Your Market
  2. Preliminary User Testing
  3. Create Personas
  4. Map Your User’s Journey
  5. Test Again

Use this guide as a refresher at the onset of any new project to keep your customers at the center of the design — and to keep them happy.

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