13 of the most common misconceptions about ski holidays

9. ‘The food and drink sounds boring’

Trust us, it’s not all just cheese, bread and cured meat. As our list of best holidays for foodies proves, the mountains are a haven of Michelin stars, fine dining and local delicacies which you’ll only ever get to sample in these snowy climes.

10. ‘I’d look ridiculous in the kit’

Guys, the 1980s were a long time ago and ski fashion has come a long way since then (although we’re not saying the retro look isn’t coming back into fashion though). Kit is now not only super-technical, with new innovations in goggles, helmets and jackets, it also meets every budget – and brands have gone a long way to make even the dreaded one-piece suit fashionable.

11. ‘Why would I go all that way without knowing what I’m doing on the slopes?’

Check out our list of the top UK indoor ski centres and dry ski slopesand that’s that problem solved. As we proved back in February, it is possible to learn to ski indoors in the UK – in just six hours, believe it or not. This is a great option for those nervous first-timers who might be wary of splashing the cash on a ski holiday without the guarantee of actually enjoying the sport when they get there.

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