13 of the most common misconceptions about ski holidays

5. ‘Exercise isn’t fun on holiday’

Yes, skiing and snowboarding is technically a sport, and yes, technically you’re spending your holiday working out, but we challenge you to find one skier or snowboarder who says the ache in their legs after a day on the mountain – whether it be from freestyling in the terrain park, cruising the pistes or reveling in the off piste – isn’t worth it.

6. ‘The accommodation resembles an old barn’

We beg to differ. Luxury chalets are a big thing in the Alps. We’re talking indoor climbing walls, wine caves and movie rooms – you name it and there’ll be a luxury chalet somewhere in the mountains that’ll have it. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to the hefty price tags of these fancy dwellings, there’s a choice of hotels, catered chalets or self-catering apartments at every price point.

7. ‘I’m too old to learn to ski’

Age is just a number, they say, and this couldn’t be more true on ski holidays – just look at the over-90-year-old skiers proving just that. When it comes to learning, we guarantee on the first day of lessons every beginner in the group will be just as baffled by the term “snowplough” as you are.

8. ‘There’s nothing to do but ski’

Ice skating, dog sledding, paragliding, ice diving, ice driving, swimming, indoor surfing, snow shoeing… need we go on?

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