13 Gadgets That Will Change How You Travel with Your Kids

It’s no newsflash that flying with tiny tots can be a challenge. But before you get too worked up about your next long-haul flight with the kids, we’ve compiled a list of great travel gear that will, hopefully, make flying with the fam easier, safer, less-germy and/or more fun! From carry-on cases that double as strollers to disposable covers that sanitize airplane trays, here are 13 gizmos and gadgets to make your next family trip a first-class affair.

Go Happy Travel Tray

If you’ve ever watched your little jet-setter try to play with her toys on an airplane, you know all too well the pain of collecting LEGO or crayons from a dirty plane floor. Enter the Go Happy Kids Tray, a strap-on tray which keeps tray tables covered and toys (hopefully) off the ground. The tray has a raised border on all sides to keep sippy cups, LEGO, crayons etc., from rolling right off mid-flight, and the grippy tray bottom keeps the whole thing from sliding. The Go Happy tray also solves the problem of your child eating snacks straight from the dirty tray table. It can also be used on laps, which means it’s just as useful at your final destination as it is on the journey.

Cost: $39.50

Online: gohappykids.com

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