10 UX Design Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

2. Prototype with PowerPoint

You may be surprised to hear that anyone can prototype within your organization. PowerPoint is likely to be installed on most office PCs, and you can use this free tool to start prototyping. Head on over to powermockup.com if you want to add graphics that aid in prototyping a web page, or mobile app.

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PowerMockup is a wireframes toolkit specifically designed for PowerPoint with hundreds of reusable UX elements: shapes, icons, browser mockups, etc. You just have to drag and drop them into your sliders. The best thing is: if you work in teams you can share a public repository of all the UX design assets you use across your projects. PowerMockup starts at $59.99 and it’s a one-off payments download.

Forget about fancy unpopular prototyping tools. You can always use PowerProint to prototype

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